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It is always important to have a knowledgeable consultant, one who can communicate the information to the attorneys as well as the court, but being an expert witness and providing testimony services is much more than knowing and telling. It is courtroom demeanor, presence, and the ability to teach complex topics to lay people, and keep their attention without patronizing them that is really convincing.

With all of the CSI shows on television, judges and juries often times cannot wait to hear the forensic expert testify and it is vital to a case that proper attention and weight is given to the evidence at hand. Brett A. Greenberg has specialized in Digital Forensics and general computing for 15 years and has a broad base of knowledge, both in how users attempt to hide evidence, the process of forensic investigations and as an owner of a computer forensics lab. He has testified many times in court on computer forensics, mobile forensics, proper discovery, and analysis of digital media.

He has worked on cases for both State and Federal Courts. He is a great orator and accomplished teacher. All of these attributes serve his clients well in court and can help you too. His down-to-earth explanations and analogies are exceptional for getting attorneys and the court to understand the evidence and give it its due weight.

Green Mountain Consulting, LLC

In today’s digital world, computer forensic experts are crucial to the discovery of critical evidence that can make or break a case. Our computer forensic analysis, electronic discovery and court-qualified testimony provide our clients with an added edge. At Green Mountain Consulting, LLC, we do our job so you can do yours!

We See What Others Don't!


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