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Green Mountain Consulting, LLC

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, businesses need dependable IT support. Without it, the loss of productivity and valuable information can be devastating. At Green Mountain Consulting, LLC, we are quickly available and fast to find solutions. That’s why you can depend on us. We run your technology so you can run your business.

We Keep Your Technology Up So Your Business Doesn't Go Down



IT professionals can help maintain your equipment, which includes computers, servers and printers, by performing periodic checks and tune up. They will also be responsible for performing regular backup of your data, which is very important, especially if you accidentally delete files or if the computer crashes and your files disappear. Backing up files will help you restore lost files. Some IT companies perform backups remotely, wherein they will backup your computer systems from their office using remote-backup software.

IT professionals are also responsible for updating your computers with the latest patches and anti-virus software to prevent viruses. They can also help install a firewall to prevent hackers from accessing and stealing valuable information. They will keep your network functioning properly to eliminate network lag and downtime so that your company’s productivity remains high.

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