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Generally, most information is still present in the computer even after diligent attempts to erase or destroy it. And if it is still there our computer forensic examiners will find it. To assure that digital evidence is neither contaminated nor ruled inadmissible, it is imperative that the examination be executed in a forensically sound manner using knowledgeable experts.
Today, computers and networks are threatened because more than 93% of corporate proprietary information and business processes reside on such devices. Companies and attorneys employ computer forensics when there is serious risk resulting from compromised information, a potential loss of competitive capability, a threat of lawsuits or potential damage to reputation and brand. Some companies regularly use forensics investigations to check employee computers, with the notion that employees who know they are being watched are less tempted to stray.

Any person or organization that does not have a way to detect and stop malicious behavior may be victimized with no legal recourse. Gathering computer evidence is also useful for confirming or dispelling concerns about whether an illegal incident has occurred. Computer forensics is also used to document computer and network vulnerabilities after an incident occurs. Investigations have turned up pornography, private and side businesses, unauthorized use of proprietary data and other infractions.

Green Mountain Consulting, LLC

In today’s digital world, computer forensic experts are crucial to the discovery of critical evidence that can make or break a case. Our computer forensic analysis, electronic discovery and court-qualified testimony provide our clients with an added edge. At Green Mountain Consulting, LLC, we do our job so you can do yours!

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